Touring The Ridges (Information)

So, what’s inside The Ridges’ buildings?

Despite upkeep issues, OU says it is a responsible steward of The Ridges

Sign the petition! Ohio University Administration and Board of Trustees: Preserve The Ridges!

Subject: Sign the petition! Ohio University Administration and Board of Trustees: Preserve The Ridges!



I signed a petition on Action Network telling Ohio University Administration and Board of Trustees to Preserve The Ridges!.

Ohio University is considering housing development on The Ridges – a threat to this natural area highly valued by the community. The signers of this petition propose, instead, that Ohio University establish the entire Ridges property as a preserve, to safeguard its natural character and recreational value for future generations.
Green spaces close to where people live and work are widely recognized as a prime element of quality of life, promoting physical activity, health, and psychological well-being. A housing development with parking lots, streets, and lights between the Ohio University composting facility and Radar Hill would destroy the heart of this treasured open space, which Athens residents have come to rely on as a public park. The Ridges is the only natural and traffic-free area that Ohio University students can reach easily on foot. Visitors enjoy its peaceful meadows and woods on a well-developed trail network. The Ridges provides critical habitat for wildlife. With 162 breeding and migrating bird species recorded, including several species of conservation concern, it is ranked as the top birding location in Athens County. A Ridges Preserve – excluding the historic buildings – would draw visitors, benefit businesses, and promote the profile of Athens and Ohio University as a place with a high quality of life.

Can you join me and take action? Click here: https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/preserve-the-ridges?source=email&


Photo Galleries Updated

I’ve updated the photo galleries today with more optimized photos and was also able to take advantage of the updated enhancements of the photo gallery improvements. Check them out and let me know what you think.

New pictures from Simms Cemetery

We’re very happy to announce the new additions to the photo gallery on the Simms Cemetery page. Our friend Kenny Tessel share his pics from a trip to the cemetery in 1995 and they’re freaking awesome. Please check out the new pics here.. http://hauntedathensohio.com/simms-cemetery/ and comment at the bottom of the page as well. There’s some really good pictures of the hanging tree and the headstones in the cemetery. There’s even a great picture of John Simms headstone as well.



Photo Galleries Added

I’ve added photo galleries to the current location pages today to replace the embedded You Tube slide shows. I hope everyone finds the new look an improvement.


New Site Look

Ghost hunters,

I’m currently in the process of changing the look and layout of the site. I’m working on finding a good solution to add some really cool galleries to the site for the pics that I already have for the locations already featured.

On another note I’m also planning a trip to Athens within the next few weeks to take some new pics and possibly some videos for some updated content and new location pics. Check back soon for more changes and the new content. It should be a huge improvement  from the previous look that’s pretty much been unchanged for the last few years. Hopefully I’ll come back from Athens with some really cool new media of the current featured location and some really awesome new locations as well.

Stay tuned!