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  • Kim Davies says:

    I believe it was ghost drifting across Park Place near the library toward Gordy (about the spot of the construction).

    Evening of 10/913 – I just left the library and was walking toward University Terrace (waiting for my ride), when I saw a fog-like cloud in the road (about the same point where they just did that construction and replace the bricks). I thought twice … there is no fog in the area and I don’t believe there is a steam tunnel there. Oh snap … that may have been a ghost crossing the road.

    A little creepy, cause I never seen a ghost. The night before, where I live (5 miles south of campus) I was heard a pack of coyotes crying.

  • Tamrisa says:

    Loved reading thru your site. Very interesting. I love this kind of thing and my cousin found it and sent me the link. I didn’t realize Athens was so scary. Or that it had been on the Scariest Places on Earth show either. Way cool. Illinois is supposed to be pretty haunted too.

  • mike redding says:

    I do Paranormal Radio as well I was wondering if I could get in this place for a night or a few hours.
    Please let me know me and my Team are very professional and will sign any papers need be.


  • Trina says:

    Do they have hours and prices for tours here? Pl reply..Thanks

  • GEORGE says:


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