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  • Kim Davies says:

    I believe it was ghost drifting across Park Place near the library toward Gordy (about the spot of the construction).

    Evening of 10/913 – I just left the library and was walking toward University Terrace (waiting for my ride), when I saw a fog-like cloud in the road (about the same point where they just did that construction and replace the bricks). I thought twice … there is no fog in the area and I don’t believe there is a steam tunnel there. Oh snap … that may have been a ghost crossing the road.

    A little creepy, cause I never seen a ghost. The night before, where I live (5 miles south of campus) I was heard a pack of coyotes crying.

  • Tamrisa says:

    Loved reading thru your site. Very interesting. I love this kind of thing and my cousin found it and sent me the link. I didn’t realize Athens was so scary. Or that it had been on the Scariest Places on Earth show either. Way cool. Illinois is supposed to be pretty haunted too.

  • mike redding says:

    I do Paranormal Radio as well I was wondering if I could get in this place for a night or a few hours.
    Please let me know me and my Team are very professional and will sign any papers need be.


  • Trina says:

    Do they have hours and prices for tours here? Pl reply..Thanks

  • GEORGE says:


  • Jane Penwell says:

    Hello– I volunteer with the local community access tv station, which is Channel 9 if you have Time Warner Cable, producing a show called Kaleidoscope. I am trying to put together a Halloween show and someone recommended that I check out your web page. You have so much information here, I wondered if you would be interested in coming on the Halloween show (in costume if you like) to talk about the Athens ghost stories. You can contact me at the email address above. Thanks

  • Kelly Lawrence at ARTS/West says:

    How do I contact you? Your contact us tab does not work.


  • Kelly Lawrence at ARTS/West says:

    How do I contact you?

  • william meadows says:

    id like to check out this place

  • Vanessa says:

    Something is wrong with the contact link but I have a strange request. My ex husband wanted to surprise his fiancé with a place to exchange vows. He mentioned seeing if that was permitted on the grounds or in the cemetery. If it is allowed please email me I really appreciate you taking the time thank you.


  • douglas broesamle says:

    My. Great grandmother name was Hannah. Cuckler she died in spokane washington i in 1911 I keep looking for family conection limited information on her she. Married James Oakley Edwards in Ross county Ohio but I am starting to. Trace cuckler family tree and keep coming up with this. Cuckler . In Athens ohionear a college do not know if this is another. Spooky situation. For me to go Thur old bro and the ancestors.

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