Moonville Tunnel

The pictures for Moonville Tunnel are now up. I’ll be adding additional information about the history of Moonville at a later time. I’ll also be going back at some point to get some pictures of the cemetery as well. After I parked off the side of the road just before the bridge I was heading back to the tunnel down the long trail Β and heard a loud bang. I thought that initially someone was firing a gun but when I got back to my car the passenger front tire had blown out. I’m not sure if I parked on something sharp or exactly what might have happened to it. It was getting dark though so I had to put the spare on and get out while I could still see.


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  • xnode says:

    Anyone have any good stories from trips to Moonville? Love to hear about them!

  • Athens county prince says:

    been to moonville many years ago. saw the swinging light. could never figure out the source. moonville was an old mining town for so many years, the B&O railroad ran right through it. now only foundations and the tunnel remain there. my father owns the old caboose that ran through the tunnel. there is another tunnel in haydenville. the old mining trains ran through it.

  • justin says:

    what about the mental hospital i work with someone who told me to check it out do u know anything . thanks justin

  • Marsha says:

    I was born inside that tunnel. My mother was with her husband looking for there nephew because he did graffitti. My mom was nine months pregnant and she had me there.

    • Bill Cullen says:

      Did this really happen; and, if so, when did this happen?
      I’m intrigued by this because that would be oddly cool, in a way.
      Is there a newspaper story about it, which I could read; and if so, what newspaper?

  • Amanda Sencer says:

    I went with a group of friends 2 days ago. We visited the tunnel and the nearby cemetary. I have the most phenominal pictures I have ever seen of a ghostly activity!

  • Alec Castro says:

    Ohio is a very haunted place. That tunnel one of the most haunted places there. At night you can see lights going by, rocks from the top of the tunnel have been said to fly down and try to hit you… The Moonville cemetery isnt far from the tunnel and there is many rumors of people trying to go up and having this sensation like something is trying to make you go back down.

  • Tamrisa says:

    Would be awesome to go into that tunnel at night or even during the daytime.

  • Mouse says:

    My friend and I have been to Moonville on numerous occasions and have more often than not found paranormal activity. The first time we went, we visited only the tunnel. As we were walking up to the pitch black tunnel, my friend felt someone grab her shoulder. As I shined the light on her, you could see a very distinct, very LARGE hand print. As I raised my camera to take a picture, the batteries died. We got out of there real quick like and in a hurry.

    We returned a few months later, this time to check out the poor little cemetery. Vandals have knocked over just about every headstone there. As we were walking around, getting a feel for the place, we ran into a couple of guys who were looking for ghosts. As we stood chatting, we heard footsteps like someone walking in the woods, but never saw a light or person. We chalked it up to deer or the like, considering the remote nature of the site. But then one of the fellows snapped a picture of the old oak tree that stands towards the back of the cemetery. Near it, was a black shadow, human in shape and size.

    The last time my friend and I went, we took my sister. We went up to the cemetery. We hadn’t been there for 5 minutes, and we had noticed the “leftovers” of some sort of occult activity- although I cannot say with certainty if it was a seance, or something more sinister. All of a sudden, my sister says she smells something putrid, and starts gagging. Her face turns white, and she looks genuinely ill. My friend and I put her in the car and get out of there. When we get past the lake ( a good distance) she finally started to feel better.

    I’ve never experienced anything like this since. The tunnel is well traveled to, the path requires tennis shoes and I would suggest not going immediately after a rain (lots of mud). Some people do occasionally camp inside the tunnel, and you can find remnants of their adventures scattered throughout. I will not return to the cemetery after dark, but the tunnel is still a fun mini-adventure πŸ™‚

  • E says:

    I have been to both the tunnel and the cemetery on two different occasions. The first time I went it was just after sundown and it had actually started to rain a bit by the time I had crossed the river to get to the tunnel. Didn’t see or hear anything out of the norm at the tunnel or the cemetery but still a cool place to visit if you get the chance. I went back almost a year after my first visit during the day but the river was flooded so I had to go up and around the side of the tunnel to reach it. I could tell that some of the lettering on the tunnel entrance had crumbled since my last visit but not much else had changed despite the fact that Moonville is a pretty popular hangout spot in the area. If I recall correctly the cemetery was also the same aside from some coins that had been left on the top of some of the grave markers.

  • Brenda says:

    We have been to the tunnel and cemetery hundreds of times. Have never ever seen anything paranormal. Had several picnics there, saw my first Ohio lizards there. Saw a lot of drunk people hanging out in the tunnel and others coming to search for ghosts. Heard loud splashes in the creek made by beavers. Met the grandson of the engineer involved in the accident. Actually he told us the accident was not AT the tunnel but a little further south on the railing. He has his metal detector at the site searching for train parts. If there is anything haunting this place we have vener seen it and we are open to seeing.

  • Jeff says:

    This is VERY intriguing because I currently live in Jackson Ohio on State Rt 327 and just a little bit from Athens, I never knew it was a haunted place until I saw this πŸ˜› Any rumored hauntings in Jackson and 327?

  • kb says:

    I grew up just a few miles from Moonville Tunnel and still live locally. It amazes me that people from close places such as Jackson have not heard the stories of Moonville. It was when I was younger (and still is) a very popular party place. Many of us have witnessed several acccounts that we believe to be paranormal activity. It is also very a popular spot to practice witchcraft. After you pass through the tunnel, go about 1/4 mile furthur up the trail and look to the left on the hill, there are very large rocks with 3 large indents, almost caves. Most of the time you will find pentagrams, fire pits ect. It is a very cool place

  • Sam says:

    I went there in sep just this year. We went up to the cemetery and i turned my evp on and it was about 10pm. But no one heard anything but when listened to the evp recording a few minutes later after a few seconds we all heard a train whustle and a crash sound play on the evp so im thinking it was residual from one of the crashes.

  • Cathy says:

    I grew up in Vinton County so going to Moonville was often a part of our weekends. It was always of course, 12:00 on a rainy night and back then the trussell was still up so we did not venture back into the tunnel. Always has been a big party hang out. We never saw any of the lights in the tunnel ut have all had spooky feelings when walking around at night. We did have this weird wind come through one time that did not move any of the leaves on the trees but we all felt it blow through our hair.

  • Elizabeth says:

    I went there last year with a few friends and my daughter. We didn’t get there until dark around 930 almost getting to the tunnel on the trail we heard a very loud growl. My husband and everyone was looking around with their flashlights trying to find out what it was then another growl my friend literally pushed from the front of our group all the way to the back almost pushing me over the side of the trail where that creek was. After everyone was okay to keep going we finished the trail reaching the tunnel. My friend and my husband saw a faint light at the end but I walked to the other side and didn’t find anything. Then I proceed to do evps. We all thought we heard a conversation at the end of the tunnel but couldn’t make it out. We all went home bc it was a long drive back home and I was listening to the evps. I heard what sounded like a child saying hungry, well my husband doing research about the tunnel found out the train stopped delivering food there bc of the measles outbreak. Said they didn’t want to get sick themselves so people there died of starvation as well…. I’m planning on returning as soon as I can!!!!

  • Cody says:

    My friends and I just got back from the tunnel. I have been there countless times and most times I encounter some sort of paranormal activity. Tonight we forgot flashlights so we used our lighters to make it up the trail. This trip tonightwas my shortest trip lasting about 10 minutes once we made it up to the tunnel. The three of us were standing at the mouth of the tunnel and I told them to listen for sounds because it was their first time there. We stood there for 10 minutes waiting and then we heard the most bloodcurdling scream. I have heard the little girl scream before but not like this. I was overwhelmed wit this feeling that we needed to leave. My friends must have felt it too because all 3 of us started to run back to the trail without saying a word. By far the most terrified I’ve ever been at moonville

  • David Drake says:

    That is crazy about the growl Elizabeth. My girlfriend and son were there yesterday late afternoon and her and I both heard a very distinctive growl twice but there was nothing there. For a few minutes I had the feeling I was being stalked. Didn’t see anything but without a doubt we both heard the growl.

  • bennettboy95 says:

    me and my team went out about a month ago one of my members scratched on his back we took picture and video on two different cameras took it home to analyze and every file was corrupted overall I considered it a pretty good hunt plan to go back asap

  • Jay says:

    I know the Moonville Tunnel was featured on an episode of the show Haunted Highway, but has it been featured on any other shows? I used to have a segment about the Tunnel on a long-gone DVR, but it seems like the show had a different title or format. Anyone know anything about this? Thanks.

  • JayRenea' says:

    To those who do not know, there is now a bridge built to get across the creek to get to the tunnel. There is also a new railroad sign that sits at the beginning of the road that you turn onto when leaving the highway. I know that the group who built the bridge has been working very hard in gathering funds to make Moonville such a great place for tourists. When I was younger, you never seen anyone there. But now, you’re almost guaranteed to see others at the tunnel no matter when you go. If my memory serves me right, I think they have guided tours out there around Halloween too. I’ve never seen anything haunted out there, but then again, I’ve always been too big of a chicken to go at night. πŸ™‚

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