New pictures from Simms Cemetery

We’re very happy to announce the new additions to the photo gallery on the Simms Cemetery page. Our friend Kenny Tessel share his pics from a trip to the cemetery in 1995 and they’re freaking awesome. Please check out the new pics here.. and comment at the bottom of the page as well. There’s some really good pictures of the hanging tree and the headstones in the cemetery. There’s even a great picture of John Simms headstone as well.



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  • Gabe Stape says:

    I never knew about Haunted Athens,Ohio. I just learned about it for the first time today. That place sounds/looks really cool. I am very familiar with haunted places. I am very into haunted/scary places/sights.

  • Gabe Stape says:

    Is the asylum open for public/private viewing? I’m talking about a tour or staying overnight at the asylum. Please let me know asap. I am thinking about going someday.

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