Wilson Hall

(Ohio University, West Green)

The Ohio University in Athens, Ohio is perhaps the most haunted campus in the world. The place was established in 1804, a year after the statehood. It was the first institution of superior studies located west of the Appalachian Mountains. The number of allegedly haunted places on the site is quite impressive and they are added to the numerous legends regarding Athens county. Ohio University was one of the places presented in a FOX episode of the series Scariest Places on Earth.

Wilson Hall is the most famous haunted place on the campus. It is the building that most people point to when speaking about haunted Athens, Ohio. The building is apparently located in the middle of an immense pentagram consisting of five cemeteries situated in the region. The graveyards are scattered around the area and, when looked at on a map, they form a pentagram. A pentagram is the ancient occult symbol of power and magic. According to the pagan tradition, a pentagram might create safe areas free from any paranormal activity. The center is extremely important and it’s no wonder that Wilson Hall resides in the middle of this cemetery pentagram.

The pentagram myth has not been demonstrated in the case of Wilson Hall. Experts say that any five points can be united on a map in the form of a pentagram. This suggests that all the interpretations of the pentagram mystery at Wilson Hall are merely speculations.

Wilson Hall is said to be the home of a ghost that died in a mysterious way in the 1970s. He died in room 428 and years after that students residing in that room have said to hear strange sounds and hear footsteps as well as witnessing several objects moving by themselves on their own. Since these occurences the room has been closed off and was not given to any new students again.

This is perhaps the only university room in the world that is sealed and closed. The school officials have proclaimed the room uninhabitable. The story says that the female student died in a violent way in that room after practicing occult. It is said that the girl made use of the room’s energy to practice a method where the human spirit travels on its own after separating from the body. This technique is known as astral projection. The student was also rumored to have repeatedly attempted to contact the dead and that she often dabbled in sorcery practices.

Another legend tells that Wilson Hall was built on the grounds of an Indian cemetery and the spirits are of this origin. Spiritualist experts claim that the geography of the area, with the layout of peaks, mountains and valleys makes the spot very conductive to psychic energy. At the beginning of the 1980’s a newspaper researched the property in a routine examination for the institute. They discovered that Wilson Hall is built on the same location as the original site of an early cemetery of the Athens Mental Institute.

33 Responses to Wilson Hall

  • Athens county prince says:

    My grandfathers construction company built this building

  • rhonda stevens says:

    I was born there Wilson Hall my mother gave birth to me there oct.11.1970

  • rhonda stevens says:

    the government took me away until I was 5 1/2 years old.

  • Mel says:

    I live very close to there. I was born in Athens and have lived here all my life. I see this building a lot and I also pass the ridges on my way to different locations almost daily. I really wish I could go in some of these places, but I’m not allowed.

  • xnode says:

    Has anyone experienced anything creepy around room 428 yet this year?

    • Alice says:

      Not around room 428 (I will update next year when I live in the room connected) but I lived on the third floor last year fall semester and our door randomly opened even though it was locked and tightly shut, and we always heard footsteps above us even though there was no fourth floor above where we lived

  • DsMom says:

    My daughter goes to OU, she says an RA for the hall told her there was a dead bird in the haunted dorm room. Does that count?

  • Nic says:

    Does the school offer tours or public investigations?

  • Jay says:

    I had a girlfriend who lived on the 4th floor of Wilson my freshman year at OU in 1998. I slept over once and we heard what sounded like people stomping around above us all night. There is no fifth floor in Wilson.

  • Jessica says:

    I have friends who currently go th OU and they’ve told me things that have happened to them I found it intresting but haven’t gotten the chance to visit them yet, I find it more intresting than scary is that wierd?

  • Gato says:

    This is hilarious. I need to get some people to help me get into some of these buildings. I know someone who lives in wilson…YAY!

  • Hannah says:

    My cousin goes to OU and he says that in the middle of the night his fire alarm makes a sound that fire alarms doesn’t make. He also said that he here’s giggling in the hallways when no ones there, also his door has slammed shut on many occasions

  • Melissa says:

    I was a student at OU BACK IN 1999/2000. I lived on the 2nd floor of Sargent Hall on the West Green, right near Wilson Hall. One night when my roommate was home in Cinci for the night I woke up to the lights in my dorm room turned on and the blinds opened. Strangest thing that ever happened to me when I was there. This was room 227.

  • Erin says:

    I heard the story of the student suicide wasn’t true. Can anyone verify whether it really happened? I’ve tried looking online for any newspaper articles from back then that might talk about, but so far I haven’t found anything. I also heard that the story about the woman who escaped the insane asylum was also false. I really hope one of these stories has some truth to it because this was my favorite episode of Scariest Places on Earth.

    • Sam says:

      I’m into investigating that legend as well. If you would like to correspond about the matter please contact me at zsam899@gmail.com. Thanks

    • Alice says:

      The archives online do not go back far enough- you have to go to Alden to do your research

    • Chris Waites says:

      I lived in a single room in Wilson Hall on the same end of the hallway as 428 in 1984. We heard the rumors then as you do now, but they do continue to get distorted and magnified, especially on Halloween. My RA lived just a few doors away from this room and he said he did hear doors opening and closing while he was there alone, before students had moved in, but nothing beyond that. There were actually two girls living in that room when I was there, but they didn’t say they experienced anything unusual. Sometimes this story is about a young woman and sometimes a young man, but no one has ever found a record of any death in that room and the RA told me he thought it was just a rumor. Still everyone did and still does have fun with it. I think the university made the room off limits to make people stop asking about the room, but it seems the opposite has happened. I don’t see the stories going away anytime soon either.

  • Jen says:

    I am need to tour this hall, especially room 428. Is there any way to do that? Even if I have to pay admission or go on some cheesy guided tour.

    • Alice says:

      No, i live there and it’s kind of pointless to. RAs let us in the room around halloween. A few dead birds, nothing else.

  • Carley says:

    I’m living in Wilson 440 starting in the fall

  • Daisy says:

    My roommate and I are moving into Wilson 327 this fall… Great

  • RJ says:

    One correction, the University of Pittsburgh is actually the oldest institution of higher education west of the Appalachians. It was founded in 1787 as the Western University of Pennsylvania.

  • Abigail says:

    I am going to live on the fourth floor of Wilson next year. I’ve looked at the floor plans and there is no room 428. There is a room 420 and then it goes to 434. Room 428 doesn’t exist.

    • Tamrisa says:

      Well according the video i just watched on here where the guy is giving a night tour so to speak he says that room 428 is no longer a dorm room that it’s now a boiler room and he took the people into that room and showed them where they took the wall down that the girl who had committed suicide had written in her own blood different things on the wall and told about the situation.

    • sammy says:

      The reason it is not on the floor plan is more than likely so the students that don’t know where it is don’t get the idea to go exploring during the night when no one is awake to stop them.

  • Tamrisa says:

    I live in Delaware Ohio and we have Ohio Weslyan University and there is supposed to be some hauntings in Styvertsan Hall and i think some other spot around the campus. We have a park that has some hauntings too. Blue Limestone Park is the name of it.

  • Jarret says:

    I will be staying in room 376 and if it is true I really am hoping to experience something.

  • BJ says:

    I lived in Wilson Hall in the fall of 2001. I moved out after the fall quarter and requested from the University that they let me live off campus. You have to write a letter and I made up some special event that would allow me to get out. I tell my story all the time because I know it to be true and I will never forget it. I lived on the 4th floor but I don’t remember what number it was. I know I was in the middle/toward the other end of the hall opposite of the “boiler room”. I would hear noises at night all the time. There were so many times I felt a presence in my room. There was one night in particular that I will never forget. I was sleeping. I had a desk that was right next to my bed and where my head was, is where the drawer was near. It was normal to be sleeping and hear doors slam in the hallway. I certainly chalked this up to maybe someone drunk dragging in. I would run out and see there was no conversations, nothing. But this night as I was sleeping I heard noises and I was sort of awakened but not all the way. All of the sudden I hear my drawer in my desk slide open slowly and then SLAMMED shut. I screamed at the top of my lunges. It was REAL then. I had no doubt things were not normal in that dorm and in my room. I moved out during winter break and never turned back.

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  • amanda says:

    i love athens

  • Seth says:

    Hey, im seth, a student at OU, this last week, myself and a few friends went to the ridges, and before hand went to see the demon door. I noticed something couldnt explain and wondered if anyone else has noticed. In Wilson Hall, the room directly beneath the room with the demon door has a handle, but right where you grip it, it is sawed off on both ends to where it pretty much makes it impossible to open the door. I have no idea what it is used for, and i didnt stick around long, just wondering if anyone knew anything about it, also ever since my group has went, we have all had really really horrible luck. I lost my wallet, broke a monitor for my computer, another two guys came down with mono, another lost his wallet. ive lost my keys, my vape has broken. All kinds of rough stuff. Could be just bad luck. I don’t know. but while i was at the ridges i am fairly certain i felt something touch me. And another group went the day before we did and they have a much more bizarre and terrifying story

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