Wilson Hall Athens Ohio Ohio Unversity 1

Wilson Hall Ohio University Athens Ohio

Wilson Hall Ohio University Athens Ohio

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  • George Vince says:

    I worked at OU one summer and the morning of move ins they put me in Wilson hall. I had been sweeping on floor4 before kids got there it’s all I had left to do,,,NOBODY ELSE was in that building and I had the main door keys… I went down to let supervisor in and we heard somebody walking on the upper floor. It’s then she told me about the room and what had supposedly happened then took me back up and showed me the devil in the door, it was truly bizarre and cool as he’ll. She opened the room to show it to me and how they made a maintenance room out of it, and when she did my jaw dropped. She asked me what was wrong and what did I see and I showed her that the sweeper I had been using in the hall was now in the room and was still warm and I didn’t have the keys for the rooms or the master keys, only the front door and Bottom back door key. Couldn’t explain it didn’t want try it was my last day and I haven’t been back and don’t care to go.

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