Moonville Tunnel

The pictures for Moonville Tunnel are now up. I’ll be adding additional information about the history of Moonville at a later time. I’ll also be going back at some point to get some pictures of the cemetery as well. After I parked off the side of the road just before the bridge I was heading back to the tunnel down the long trail  and heard a loud bang. I thought that initially someone was firing a gun but when I got back to my car the passenger front tire had blown out. I’m not sure if I parked on something sharp or exactly what might have happened to it. It was getting dark though so I had to put the spare on and get out while I could still see.


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  • xnode says:

    Anyone have any good stories from trips to Moonville? Love to hear about them!

  • Athens county prince says:

    been to moonville many years ago. saw the swinging light. could never figure out the source. moonville was an old mining town for so many years, the B&O railroad ran right through it. now only foundations and the tunnel remain there. my father owns the old caboose that ran through the tunnel. there is another tunnel in haydenville. the old mining trains ran through it.

  • justin says:

    what about the mental hospital i work with someone who told me to check it out do u know anything . thanks justin

  • Marsha says:

    I was born inside that tunnel. My mother was with her husband looking for there nephew because he did graffitti. My mom was nine months pregnant and she had me there.

    • Bill Cullen says:

      Did this really happen; and, if so, when did this happen?
      I’m intrigued by this because that would be oddly cool, in a way.
      Is there a newspaper story about it, which I could read; and if so, what newspaper?

  • Amanda Sencer says:

    I went with a group of friends 2 days ago. We visited the tunnel and the nearby cemetary. I have the most phenominal pictures I have ever seen of a ghostly activity!

  • Alec Castro says:

    Ohio is a very haunted place. That tunnel one of the most haunted places there. At night you can see lights going by, rocks from the top of the tunnel have been said to fly down and try to hit you… The Moonville cemetery isnt far from the tunnel and there is many rumors of people trying to go up and having this sensation like something is trying to make you go back down.

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